How do I choose the right dental plan?
Many types of
dental plans are available to meet a variety of dental needs. How do you know which plan to choose? To narrow it down, consider the oral health of everyone who will be covered by your plan. Thinking about dental needs by age group may help you evaluate plan options. You should also consider the potential procedures, services or specialists you may need.


Age 0-18 
Help your children establish good oral health habits from the start by focusing on preventive dental care early. Cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments and sealants are all common needs in this age range.

Our Bronze Plan features our lowest deductible and covers exams and preventative care for the whole family, with no waiting periods for exams, cleanings and fillings.  Get a Quote  >


Age 19-39 
If you’re in this age range, you’re less likely to have oral health problems – but you should still visit the dentist regularly for preventive care. If you’ve started a family, consider the needs of your children and spouse as well.

Our Silver Plan features a low deductible, but still provides ample coverage for diagnostic and preventive services, plus needs like fillings and crowns.  Get a Quote  >


Age 40-59 
As you age, so do your teeth. When you purchase a plan, consider coverage for restorative procedures, such as fillings, root canals and crowns. Because you may need these services, you may want to look for a plan with a lower deductible and a higher annual maximum.

Our Gold Plan covers all dental services including fillings, oral surgery and implants, with no waiting periods for exams and cleanings.  Get a Quote  >


Age 60+ 
Chronic conditions are more likely to occur after age 60, so preventive dental care is important. Look for a plan that helps manage expenses related to chronic conditions like gum disease. Bridges, dentures and implants may also be on your radar. A plan with a lower deductible and higher annual maximum may help you manage out-of-pocket costs.

Our Platinum Plan features no waiting periods for diagnostic and preventative care, so you can see a dentist right away for exams and cleanings. Plus, enjoy coverage for fillings, crowns and more.  Get a Quote  >

Here are a few more considerations when you’re evaluating plans:  

•  Assess your oral health. Is your mouth generally healthy, or are you overdue for a check-up or dental work? 

•  Check your budget. Do you have savings or a financial plan for unexpected dental work?    

•  Be proactive.  Look for plans that help reduce long-term costs by providing free or low-cost preventive care, which helps detect and treat oral health issues before they become more severe and costly. 

•  Choose an in-network dentist. Dentist networks vary by plan type so checking to see if your current dentist is in a plan’s network should be considered if you’d like to save money. 

•  Review waiting periods.  A dental plan may require an amount of time after the effective date before covering some services. Some plans waive the waiting period if you were previously covered.

•  Visiting a PPO network dentist also protects you from balance billing, a practice where dentists bill patients for the difference between their usual fee and the fee pre-established with Delta Dental. And, visiting a network dentist ensures quality of care – all of our dentists are vetted through a stringent credentialing process and are expected to follow our policies.  

Visit and use the Find a Dentist tool (also found on Delta Dental’s mobile app) to find a network dentist or to check if your dentist is in your plan’s network.


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